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Architect Gilad Hamami ‘s office handles the architectural design  and planning of both private and com mercial buildings.


A young and dynamic office of dedicated professionals, we attach great importance to details and to unique and innovative design. We also set great store on preserving the environment, the landscaping and the cultural  values of society Our office gives personal and reliable service at all stages of the planning and execution of projects in keeping with the requirements, ideas and wishes of the client

About Gilad Hamami

The holder of archecture license 7961355, Gilad Hamami is a graduate of the School of Architectural of the Ariel University.

 He is married, has 2 children and lives in Netanya

About the office

Established as a boutique office that produces a high standard of architectural and planning services in a personal manner, we really listen to the wishes of the client with the intent of realizing his dreams as well as meeting his needs and priorities. The office deals with comprehensive design and planning of residential and commercial spaces starting from the initial planning, and handling the submission of the plans for approval of the authorities, the production of work plans, and supervision and accompaniment of the building process. The office keeps abreast of all the design and planning innovations on the market and maintains high standards of precision, professionalism, keeping to the budget and meeting time schedules.

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